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Each Unisorting fruit.

Technologies and machines for processing fruit and vegetables.


Each variety of fruit and vegetables requires a dedicated solution. Unisorting aims to be the solution for apples, pears, dates, onions, potatoes, oranges, lemons, mandarins, clementines, grapefruits, limes and avocado, with specific processing machines and lines, from sorting to packing.

This is our goal also for the future.

Find the technology suitable for your current business in the following list.
And keep in contact wit Unisorting for any future business needs.


The feeding stage of each processing line needs technologies for the wet or dry emptying of the fruit containers..

Washing of Packages.

Preventing contamination by bacteria, mold and fungi is the basis for a good fruit preservation..

Water Treatment.

Every Fruit processing plant is bound not to waste or pollute water..

Fruit Disinfection.

In Unisorting we have developed a technology that greatly reduces the bacterial load present on the peel of the fruit..


Products, especially citrus fruit and apples, are carefully dried, waxed and dried again with this type of treatment..


For over 30 years we have been designing and installing fully automatic sorting systems..

Bins Filling.

Placing the sorted fruit in the bins is a fundamental part of the fruit pre-sorting stage..

Weighing of Packages.

At Unisorting we have designed high-precision weighing systems that can automatically eliminate the packages without the..


Packing machines and system for fruits and vegetables. Unisorting has a strong and long experience in packing systems..

Palletization .

Our automatic palletizers can stack all packaging on standard pallets and half pallets..


Being always aware of where your products are is indispensable. This is why a specific software has been developed for..

Internal Logistics.

Handling of the packages in the Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plant is a matter that must be addressed with great care to..

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