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Water Purification

Every Fruit processing plant is bound not to waste or pollute water.

At Unisorting we gave an answer to this matter, which also involves our personal consciences, with specifically dedicated technologies.

macchine filtrazione acque
impianto filtrazione acque
purificazione acqua
macchine pulizia filtri filtrazione acqua


The PURE and PURE PLUS dewatering units have been conceived for treating the processing water used in our industry.

The dewatering system (centrifugal separator, mesh pre-filter, quartzite filters and activated charcoal filter) allows us to remove organic and chemical elements in order to obtain tasteless, odorless and colorless water.

The dewatering system control software continuously informs the operator about quality and consumption of the outfeed water.

System management is very easy thanks to the touch screen from which you can easily access every function.

The system can be integrated with water management software WATER CONTROL SYSTEM.

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